While we are more interested in telling your story then our own, here is a bit about us....


We are twin sisters who are creative workaholics that love what we do. As passionate filmmakers, we have a hard time putting the camera down. We strive to be the best and constantly push ourselves. Each film we create is a handcrafted piece of art and if our signature is going on it, we want it to be the best. Founded in 2010 by Jessica & Lauren Schmitt, Double Vision Films has been trusted to capture everything from weddings to commercials, from music videos to how-to videos, from everyday moments to once in  a life time events.

We are based out of Sheboygan, Wisconsin but we are available to travel worldwide.



The Team

Double Vision Films came about when Jessica and Lauren Schmitt, identical twin sisters, brought their passion for story telling back to Wisconsin after honing their skills in LA.

We are a full-service video production company that focuses on both commercial and event projects. We work really, really hard, but there is no getting around it, we also like to have fun.

Equally comfortable in steel-toed boots as we are in heels.


Lauren Schmitt

Jessica Schmitt

Portraits by Jon Erlien